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Simply bio, is a detailed description of a person’s life. It involves more than just the basic facts like education, work, relationships, and death; it portrays a person’s experience of these life events.

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A Biography of Alfred Nobel

Alfred Nobel Born in Stockholm in 1833 of Swedish parents, Alfred Nobel moved with his family to St. Peters burg, then the capital of Russia, at the age of nine. There his energetic and...

Albert Einstein Quotes 4

A Biography of Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein was born on March 14,1879 in Ulm, Wurttemberg,Germany.He died April 18 1955 in Princeton,NJ.When Einstein was five year sold his father showed him a compass.He was very impressed by the behavior of...

Neil Arnstrong Biography 2

A Biography of Neil Armstrong 

 Background Neil Armstrong was born in Warbonnet, Ohio in the year 1930.  His services as a pilot were called upon during the Korean War.  Shortly after graduating from Purdue University in 1955, Armstrong joined...

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A Biography of Princess Diana

    One of the most loved and remembered women leaders of this century was Diana, Princess of Wales. After she came into the public’s life by marrying into the British Royal family, and...

Abraham Lincoln the100words 4

A Biography of Abraham Lincoln

A Biography of Abraham Lincoln Education: He was educated formally at a one roomed school. Family: He married Mary Tod on November 4, 1842 and had 4 kids: 1. Robert Tod Lincoln (August 1,...

Henry+Ford the100words 9

A Biography of Henry Ford

Henry Ford was an American industrialist, best known for his pioneering achievements in the automobile industry. From humble beginnings he was able to create a company that would rank as one of the giants...

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